A Prophetic Look Ahead 2017-2024 (6 DVDs)


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This amazing prophetic update contains an easy-to-understand timeline of world changing events scheduled to unfold between 2017 and 2024.  It is filled with Scriptures that connect current events with end time prophecy in a way that lets you clearly understand what is coming upon the world and how to prepare for it.

Subjects include:

· The prophetic timeline of global transitions that lead to a New World Order

· What will happen between 2017 to 2024

· How the battle over the Land of Israel ignites the final war of Psalms 83

· How three different war cycles are all scheduled to hit between 2017 and 2024

· Identifying 12 major end time wars currently being fought and how God’s people should prepare for them

· How the Arab Spring, Brexit, Trumpism and the era of anti-establishment politics ultimately lead to the end time global upheaval described in Scripture

· How the war against using cash will lead to the “Mark of the Beast”

· Collapse of the $1.5 trillion global debt bubble and how to protect your wealth

· And much more…