Calendar: ANCIENT PAST -16 Month - Sept 2022-Dec 2023


Unique Features of this 2022-23 Calendar:

·       Major Biblical/Jewish and Israeli holidays with extensive explanation  plus major U.S. holidays

·       Scriptures in English and Hebrew

·       Dates in both Jewish/Lunar and Gregorian/solar calendar systems

·       Sabbath beginning and ending times

·       Weekly Torah, Haftarah and suggested New Testament portions, plus Holiday readings

·       Sabbath and Holiday Readings (noted on the calendar dates) are also listed in a removable chart format, good for inserting in one's Bible

·       Messianic prophecies from the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) and their fulfillment in the New Testament

·       Lovely photos that are frameable

·       A selection of recommended Traditional and Messianic Holidays and other Blessings, in English and Hebrew

·       Hebrew alphabet and other learning materials

·       Made in Israel


Purchase of this calendar allows Ascension Ministries to continue working with marketplace ministries in Israel where proceeds help support congregational and humanitarian outreaches in the land of Israel.