End Time Prophets and Prophetic Ministry - Volume 2 (6 DVDs)


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God tells us that in the last days His people are going to flow in vibrant prophetic ministry. However, Scripture also says there will be those who prophesy falsely   out of their own soulish imaginations that mislead people and promote destructive heresies (Jer. 23:16; 2 Pet. 2:1-3). Therefore, we must learn to flow in authentic prophetic ministry in preparation for the Lord’s return.

This in-depth teaching reveals the history of prophetic ministry and how it has transitioned throughout the ages down to the sons of the prophets in today’s church. It helps you recognize the voice of prophecy and understand God’s way    of ministering it to others. Lastly, it explains how to properly respond to personal prophecies that you receive. 

Titles include:

1.  End Time Sons of the Prophets

2.  Different Types of Prophetic Ministry

3.  Different Channels of Prophecy

4.  The Voice of Prophecy

5.  The Way of Prophecy

6.  Proper Response to Personal Prophecy