My Servants the Prophets (4 CDs) or Free Download


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Yeshua (Jesus) said that one of the greatest signs of the last days would be that many false prophets would come prophesying in His name and would deceive many. With so many prophecies being given in the name of Yeshua that contradict God's Word, it appears as though the false prophets have arrived. Consequently, God is bringing this issue to a head and demanding that we look at the biblical definition of what a true prophet is and what he is called to do. This teaching brings biblical clarity to the role of the New Testament prophets from a Hebraic perspective and restores God's vision and purpose for all prophetic ministry. This series includes:

  • Prophets & Prophetic Ministry
  • Messengers of the Covenant
  • The Fruit of False Prophets
  • The Spirit of the Law