Noah, Fallen Angels, and the Origin of Halloween (1 DVD)


It is generally taught that Halloween came from an old Celtic tradition of Samhain (pronounced Sow-in), where people would light bonfires, summon the dead, and dress up in costumes to ward off evil spirits.  Pope Gregory III (540-604) designated November 1 as “All Saints Day” which was a time to honor the dead. This made the evening before (October 31) All Hallows Eve which soon became Halloween and quickly incorporated the demonic traditions of Samhain…BUT is that really the origin of this demonic celebration, or do its roots go back much further?

Noah, Fallen Angels, and the Origin of Halloween draws from God’s Torah, the Book of Enoch, and ancient pagan customs denounced by God to reveal how the origin of Samhain goes all the way back to Genesis 6 and the fallen angels of Noah’s day. In this teaching you will learn…

  Which fallen angels taught mankind the art of witchcraft and communing with the dead.

  What biblical character instituted October 31 as the date of Samhain (Halloween).

  How that demonic observance got into the first century church, and some of the signs for recognizing where it is being practiced in the end time church.

  And much more…