The Elijah Report - Whose Mark Are You Taking? (1 DVD, 1 MP3)


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With the impact of Covid-19 and other end time plagues on the world, there is much talk about their connection to the "Mark of the Beast."  In this study, we review the progressive advancements of the Mark of the Beast technologies, and how these technologies pave the way for the Mark itself (Rev. 13: 15-18).  However, that leads to the inevitable question:  Since Scripture clearly indicates a "Mark of the Beast," would it not also point to a "Mark of God?"

This teaching reveals that, throughout Scripture, God has marked special events, special people, and special places with signs and seals ("distinguishing marks") from the very beginning to the very ending.  It explains how God clearly marks people, places, and things that belong to Him and are connected to His work in the earth.

In the end, the Mark of God identifies those who worship the One True God (Yahweh), while the other identifies those who worship the Beast (Antichrist).  The only question that remains now is:  Which Mark Are You Taking?