Torah and the Difficult Words of Paul (6 DVDs)


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In Volume I of our Defending the Faith Series, "Spirit and Truth: Understanding the Torah That Jesus Taught," we established that Yeshua (Jesus) did not do away with God's Law (i.e., the Torah of Moses), but He came to "fulfill it," which means to properly interpret and apply it to our lives.  So what revelation did the Apostle Paul receive from Yeshua (Gal. 1:11-17)?  Was it only the gospel of grace followed by the Law had passed away?  Or did Yeshua correct Paul's zeal for Pharisaic Judaism which preached a gospel of works, where the "ancestral traditions" of the elders (i.e., the Oral Torah) took precedence over God's Written Torah?

This eye-opening series on "The Difficult Words of Paul" reveals how Paul's teaching simply continued Yeshua's revelation on why "the Law (Torah) is good, if one uses it lawfully " (1 Tim 1:8).  This revelation clarifies why Paul told Felix he "believed everything that is in accordance with the Law and that is written in the Prophets" (Acts 24:4), which sheds a great light on what Paul actually meant when he said, "[we] are not under Law but under grace" (Rom. 3:20), and in the same letter say, "only the doers of the Law are justified" (Rom. 2:13).  This, and so much more, makes this a truly great study that clarifies the difficult words of Paul.

Teaching includes:

  • Not Under Law
  • God's Law vs. Man's Legalism
  • Using God's Law Lawfully
  • Circumcision and the Faith of Abraham
  • God's One New Man
  • Rightly Dividing God's Law in the New Testament